Intelligence Conceptual Review Index

Bulletin 01

  • The official reality
  • USA Update
  • China-India conflict

Bulletin 02

  • The Rothschild and Donald Trump relationship
  • China

Bulletin 03

  • The history of the Bank for International Settlements (central bank of central banks)
  • Precious metals
  • CityGroup and drug money laundering

Bulletin 04

  • Post crisis survival guide

Bulletin 05

  • Bridge and Global Projects

Bulletin 06

  • "Perestroika" in the United States: a repetition of the path of the USSR?
  • Turkey, Erdogan, Hagia Sophia and the Ottoman Empire

Bulletin 07

  • Gold, stock market, second passport

Bulletin 08

  • Central Asia, Financial International – VATICAN – MODERN CATHARS

Bulletin 09

  • The Israel-United Arab Emirates agreement

Bulletin 10

  • Bielorussia Hybrid War
  • Trump, Romney and the danger of Mormonism
  • Pokémon GO: Virtual Reality, Violence and Big Brother

Bulletin 11

  • The hidden elements of the Russia-Qatar relationship
  • Pompeo vs Gulianni

Bulletin 12

  • Macro Advisory Partners and the Deep State
  • Who is Anthony Blinken?
  • The CIA, In-Q-Tel, Microchips, and the Total Surveillance State

Bulletin 13

  • George Bush Sr., Ross Perot, 1992 Elections
  • Cass Sunstein and behavioural economists

Bulletin 14

  • Great Game and the end of the unipolar world 2. Heartland and game theory
  • Carthage vs Rome

Bulletin 15

  • Deciphering COVID-19
  • Smart Planet, GAVI Project and Bill Gates

Bulletin 16

  • Africa
  • The New China-India Cold War
  • What is happening in Germany
  • United States and Turkish expansion

Bulletin 17

  • PROMIS (Prosecutor's Management Information System)
  • Benghazi – the untold story
  • Mike Pompeo's Balkan Drug Route

Bulletin 18

  • Major Jewish financial dynasties and their role in the formation and development of capitalism

Bulletin 19

  • The Kalmar Union, drug trafficking and a geopolitical war in the Far East.
  • New drug routes: China-Mexico, Vietnam?
  • USA-China: New War 6.0

Bulletin 20

  • End of the last dictator of Europe?
  • Balkan drug cartel: Loss of Djukanovic in Montenegro sparked bloody clan war
  • Grand Turan, Turkey and Europe

Bulletin 21

  • Hidden games of deep politics
  • The Vatican, the USSR-USA secret war
  • Granite Shadow & SpaceX

Bulletin 22

  • Dead end for the West in Putin's new economic strategy
  • “There will be blood” – or how to Contain Russia and China

Bulletin 23

  • 2021 and the growth of social unrest
  • Bridge 2021-2024

Bulletin 24

  • World Economic Forum Project: "Reset the Agenda for the Future: Destruction and Renewal in the Post-COVID World"
  • Deciphering the cover of The Economist

Bulletin 25

  • Rand Corporation: how the US should adjust its strategy against Russia
  • From the Caspian Sea to the Persian Gulf?
  • Does Turkey have the support of the new US administration?
  • SeekNet — The Numerological Son of God and the Future of AI

Bulletin 26

  • The White House believes that the confrontation between the United States and China is irreversible and inevitable
  • Will the United States leave the Middle East region?
  • Could the United States subdue Iran peacefully?
  • Obama's secret army behind Biden

Bulletin 27

  • Advanced technology and its role in the new world.
  • Artemis agreement and the space economy
  • Language of the dolphins, China and artificial intelligence

Bulletin 28

  • The future of money
  • Epidemiological poverty of virology and the theory of the three "H".

Bulletin 29

  • Mali and terrorism made in Africa
  • Nuclear negotiations with Iran
  • Who controls the Chinese Communist Party: Anna Louise Strong, Mao Zedong and the Deep State
  • Hong Kong - Rothschild, Jardine Matheson and the Keswick family.

Bulletin 30

  • Mythology, esotericism, British royalty, secret rituals, ancient cults, Israel, Zionism, the Rothschilds, Jerusalem.

Bulletin 31

  • Why Russia is helping Germany build hegemony in Europe
  • What is really behind the persecution of Alibaba in China?
  • Russia in a changing geopolitical space
  • The Balkanization of the Middle East

Bulletin 32

  • Technological convergence, Russia 2045 project, Transhumanism

Bulletin 33

  • Central banks and market manipulation
  • Cryptos and their alternatives

Bulletin 34

  • China-Russia-USA
  • Xi-Putin-Biden
  • China's medium-term prospects
  • Esoteric Vision of Global Projects via Bridge

Bulletin 35

  • Putin in Davos. Perspectives, analysis, conjectures?
  • Liberalism and the Protestant Reformation
  • The Great Reset as a project of the globalists?
  • Terrorism and the color revolutions

Bulletin 36

  • First, Second World War and deep politics
  • Cold War, the ideology of power
  • The fall of the USSR
  • The Fourth World War and the super soldiers
  • DARPA and modern Frankenstein

Bulletin 37

  • Will the Laras go beyond the sky?
  • Newton, Kepler and Deep Evolution
  • What is behind the imposition of US sanctions against Saudi Arabia linked to the CIA report on the murder of Jamal Khashoggi?

Bulletin 38

  • “Operation Crown” of the British Empire
  • Meghan Markle...President?
  • Green Dragon, Queen Elizabeth I and John Dee
  • Winston Churchill, USA and the special relationship
  • Brief analysis of Neo-Otmanism and Neo-Panturkism

Bulletin 39

  • Algorithmic personality change and AI
  • Inforgs and the children of the future

Bulletin 40

  • Gold, crisis, pandemic, Russia
  • Anglo-American, Africa, Cecil Rhodes and the Rothschilds
  • The end of ideologies or the lack of scruples as a principle.
  • China and Venezuela

Bulletin 41

  • The secret history of Justin Trudeau and his family

Bulletin 42

  • How Turkey became a new destination on the cocaine route in Latin America

Bulletin 43

  • Malaysian Airlines MH370 and the untold story.
  • The Illuminati and the true Conspiracy Theory

Bulletin 44

  • Historical background of current events: Russo-Iranian wars or how Russia annexed Armenia and Azerbaijan.
  • US biological weapons laboratories in former Soviet Republics
  • Why is the West so worried about China's Belt and Road Initiative?
  • The Empire game: the hegemonic seat is vacant

Bulletin 45

  • Al Qaeda, Hezbollah and Saudi Arabia
  • The Octopus, MI6 and Hakluyt & Co

Bulletin 46

  • Why did Biden need a climate summit?
  • Post-COVID education by Klaus Schwab and the WEF
  • Afghanistan

Bulletin 47

  • The Great Depression, current economy. What is going to happen?

Bulletin 48

  • Why do the elite support LGBT+ degeneration?
  • Analysis of Putin's speech in Davos

Bulletin 49

  • Chad and Africa
  • Lukashenko has considerably raised the stakes in the geopolitical game.
  • Why Stalin?

Bulletin 50

  • "New World Order", "Great Reset" or "Planetary Coup"?
  • What is "sustainable development”?

Bulletin 51

  • The children of the INFORGs
  • In 100 years, Homo sapiens will no longer be the main protagonists on Earth.
  • Digital Humans

Bulletin 52

  • Coronavirus - Deep State command post exercise

Bulletin 53

  • China vs USA - selective engionage and Artificial Intelligence

Bulletin 54

  • Prince Harry and Meghan, Princess Diana, the British Royalty and the House of Windsor.
  • House of Windsor and the secret occult
  • The Green Revolution

Bulletin 55

  • Rat Lines, Vatican, Nazis, Martin Bormann, HSBC and Stolen WWII Gold

Bulletin 56

  • Afghanistan, the Taliban, secret societies in Central Asia
  • The new strategy of the United States to achieve global hegemony
  • Techno-democracy against Techno-autocratic systems
  • Great Britain and the hidden power of London in world politics

Bulletin 57

  • Metasystem and the permanent global hybrid war

Bulletin 58

  • Middle East, Pakistan, British Empire and the permanent war
  • Muslim fanaticism and the secret plan of the Council on Foreign Relations
  • Complicated history of India vs Pakistan

Bulletin 59

  • Politico-military analytics: the new reality is here
  • New World Order is underway?
  • Digital China and Post-Soviet Eurasia
  • Why is London seeking to meet with the Russian president?

Bulletin 60

  • Germany and their hidden clans before and after World War II
  • The legitimation of the new Rome: British version
  • Russia vs China: What are the prospects for the confrontation between the two materialist socialist ideologies?

Bulletin 61

  • Afghanistan and short-term regional development in Central Asia

Bulletin 62

  • Soft power as a fundamental tool against national governments.

Bulletin 63

  • Conceptual analysis: Afghanistan-Turkmenistan-Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey.
  • Golden triangle and the drug business
  • Donald Trump, Drugs, the Far East and the Italian Mafia
  • Ivana Trump - secret KGB agent?

Bulletin 64

  • The P2 Masonic Lodge, Banco Ambrosiano, the Vatican, Operation Condor in Argentina
  • Secret Diplomacy - Lunkov, Knight of the Cross
  • Malta, Queen Elizabeth I and Margaret Thatcher.

Bulletin 65

  • Marxism, Bolshevism, and the Modern Theory of Power
  • Frankfurt School and its main theorists

Bulletin 66

  • USA vs. Iran
  • 9/11 and Al Qaeda
  • Somalia and African terrorism

Bulletin 67

  • The deep state: objectives and actors
  • Inclusive capitalism, Davos and Schwab

Bulletin 68

  • Modern technologies of political change management.
  • MK-ULTRA and memory manipulation, psychological coercion techniques
  • Covert operation of the mind vs. free consciousness

Bulletin 69

  • Facebook and the digital concentration camp
  • World Economic Forum and cyber crime
  • The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists - a secret weapon of the elite?

Bulletin 70

  • Contradictions and hostilities between Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates
  • Islam, and the restoration of political Islam as a global factor

Bulletin 71

  • How is COVID-19 related to climate "catastrophe" and the Paris Protocol?
  • Club of Rome and the limits of growth

Bulletin 72

  • Global projects: Greater Europe/Black International and its main enemy, liberal/Venetian model.
  • Biblical Projects, civilizational codes
  • The Black Nobility and the most powerful families in Italy
  • Decline of Europe

Bulletin 73

  • Who is interested in undermining Russian-Chinese relations?

Bulletin 74

  • Ideological hegemony of Turkish nationalism as one of the key elements in the global geopolitical game and its consequences for Central Asia and the Middle East.
  • Military conflicts in Europe 2022-2035

Bulletin 75

  • Secret negotiations Biden - Xi
  • Cultural codes, heplogroups and ancient civilizations
  • Who, how and why is taking Syria out of isolation?
  • The Great Game - Russia vs Britain + Turkey

Bulletin 76

  • Posthumans vs. Zombies: Zuckerberg's Metaverse Condemns Earthlings to caste and the control.
  • Barak Obama's BAM Project, Minority Report and mind control
  • Metaverse and the alternate reality
  • What is the reason for the little passionarity of modern Russians?

Bulletin 77

  • China and the West are creating two very different AIs.
  • Israel’s strategy in Africa: defense, intelligence, engionage and information technologies
  • Cameroon - a secret weapon in Africa?
  • Putin - Biden meeting, analysis

Bulletin 78

  • The relationship between governments and supranational structures or closed structures of power
  • How does systemic conspiracy work?
  • The peculiarity of the British model

Bulletin 79

  • Poland’s growing ambitions
  • Nuland vs Biden: who holds the reins of the White House?
  • The untold story of the Deep State

Bulletin 80 (December 31, 2021)

  • Grigory Rasputin
  • The liberal-masonic conspiracy against Rasputin and Tsar Nicholas II
  • Who are the main conspirators in the assassination of Rasputin?

Bulletin 81 (January 5, 2022)

  • The "Pinochet factor" in the presidential elections in Chile
  • On the strengthening of transnational corporations and the weakening of states nationals in the pandemic-2021

Bulletin 82 (January 12, 2022)

  • Coup in Kazakhstan. A play in 5 acts. Analysis and conclusions

Bulletin 84 (January 26, 2022)

  • Joe Biden's Year in Office: Results and Outlook

Bulletin 85 (February 2, 2022)

  • On the threshold of the post-global world
  • The synergy of delayed change - the global trend

Bulletin 86 (February 9, 2022)

  • Hidden games of French diplomacy from the conceptual point of view.
  • Coups in Africa: Coincidence or Causality
  • Alice in Wonderland and the puzzle of The Economist

Bulletin 87 (February 16, 2022)

  • China and its secret plan to take down Hollywood
  • Peace at the expense of Russia: 104 years ago, the USA laid the foundations for Pax Americana

Bulletin 88 (February 23, 2022)

  • Rand Institute, CFR and Hybrid Warfare 6.0.
  • Putin’s Strategy Against the Collective West

Bulletin 89 (March 2, 2022)

  • Events in Ukraine February 24 - initial analysis
  • Psycho-history, Zbigniew Brzezinski and the control of Central Asia

Bulletin 90 (March 9, 2022)

  • The role of China in the design of the planner for the biblical Battle of the End of the World
  • Get out of the Matrix. The end of the project of Ukraine as Anti-Russia
  • COVID as a weapon of centralization of power

Bulletin 91 (March 16, 2022)

  • Special Military Operation seen from the point of view of the intelligence of the orders: Jesuits, the Templars, Opus Dei.
  • Z and V: esoteric conceptual analysis

Bulletin 92 (March 23, 2022)

  • The structures of the post-crisis world
  • Club of Rome, CFR and the current ideological crossroads
  • Drugs and the black budgets of the USA
  • Tavistock Brainwashing Institute

Bulletin 93 (March 30, 2022)

  • War USA - Virtual China. Who wins?
  • Shadow Banking and the impending crisis
  • The struggle for power within the Chinese Communist Party
  • The secret operations of the CIA - Iran and China

Bulletin 94 (April 6, 2022)

  • The world enters a new reality
  • Liberal fascism as a new ideology of the collective West
  • Total war, War of forms and the hybrid war of the USA against the Ukrainian people

Bulletin 95 (April 13, 2022)

  • The West and Russia: a historical turning point.
  • Who overthrew Imran Khan in Pakistan?
  • China's magic spell to dominate the world

Bulletin 96 (April 20, 2022)

  • The ideology of the chosen
  • Slowing down the conflict in Ukraine to set fire to other nodes: the modus operandi of the British Empire
  • From Westphalia to Yalta: a bridge to the future of humanity

Bulletin 97 (April 27, 2022)

  • Tweeter - the blue bird of happiness

Bulletin 98 (May 3, 2022)

  • Who controls the Taliban?
  • Middle East, Central Asia and the distribution of power between the Empires

Bulletin 99 (May 10, 2022)

  • How is the Italian mafia, the drug trade, WWII and the conflict in Ukraine linked today?
  • Operation Gladio, Black Prince and June Valerio Borghese.
  • Knights of the Maltese Cross and secret operations

Bulletin 100 (May 17, 2022)

  • The science of killology - killing children in schools. Analysis.

Bulletin 101 (May 24, 2022)

  • Frenemies, Great Britain and the USA. Or who putting globalization out of its misery?
  • Northern Ireland and the consequences of Sin Fein's victory
  • China and USA 2.0 and China and Russia 2.0

Bulletin 102 (May 31, 2022)

  • Dismantling of the USSR - a 50-year plan.
  • Edmond Safra and the secret gold market
  • Cohesive diplomacy

Bulletin 103 (June 5, 2022)

  • Deak-Perera and the Shadow Power of the Deep State - Asia, China, Hong Kong
  • Intrigue surrounding Brett Kavanaugh, Justice of the Supreme Court
  • NGOs and the humanitarian aid racket

Bulletin 104 (June 12, 2022)

  • Synthetic terrorism in Africa
  • Boko Haram
  • The Balkanization of the Middle East

Bulletin 105 (June 19, 2022)

  • Welcome to the Family - the Fellowship Foundation

Bulletin 106 (June 26, 2022)

  • The possible impact of the change of power in Pakistan on China
  • The British Empire and the division of India and Pakistan
  • The intervention of the United Kingdom and the United States in China and Pakistan
  • Causes of Chinese expansion to the West
  • India and the religious crisis: anger and indignation in the Arab world

Bulletin 107 (July 2, 2022)

  • The World Trade Organization and food control

Bulletin 108 (July 9, 2022)

  • Genetically Modified Food, and the World Food Poster
  • The murder of Shenzo Abe

Bulletin 109

  • Centers for Information and Psychological Operations of the West.

Bulletin 110

  • Saudi Arabia and Islamic terrorism

Bulletin 111

  • Yugoslavia and the Kosovo War

Bulletin 112

  • China and Taiwan: two elements of a common destiny

Bulletin 113

  • Democrats, Heinz ketchup and biolabs: how money is laundered in the USA
  • Google, Metabiota, the Wuhan Institute of Virology and Covid 19.

Bulletin 114

  • What is modernity and what could we expect in the near future?

Bulletin 115

  • Gustavo Petro, Colombia, the Vatican and the great geopolitical game

Bulletin 116

  • A new stage in the evolution of Homo sapiens

Bulletin 117

  • The death of Queen Elizabeth II

Bulletin 118

  • Ukraine: how did we get here?
  • Russia, China and... the Vatican? Strange geopolitical travel companions
  • Vatican and the Judaic Project

Bulletin 119

  • New "Global British Empire": what will London's foreign policy be after Boris Johnson

Bulletin 120

  • The links between the Iran-Contra affair and the Oklahoma bombing
  • Globalization, Arnold Toynbee and the end of history

Bulletin 121

  • Elections in Brazil: the "pros" and "cons" of Lula and Bolsonaro

Bulletin 122

  • Global projects at war. Bridge 2021-2024

Bulletin 123

  • The results of the XX Congress of the Communist Party of China

Bulletin 124

  • Great Britain and the election of Rishi Sunak
  • Putin's sovereign ideology
  • Valdai's speech is a preview of the Moscow - Third Rome project.

Bulletin 125

  • Ayatollah Khomeini and the Iranian Revolution
  • Iran and the "1980 Project"
  • Khomeini Revolution

Bulletin 126

  • The Octopus Conspiracy and Operation Armadeus

Bulletin 127

  • Era of transitions - NBIC technologies (nanotechnologies, biology, information technologies and cognitive technology)

Bulletin 128

  • Europe and the European Nazi wet dream is the reason for hatred of Russia
  • Why would the elite, and in the case of the USA, the Rockefellers want to dismantle the industrial power of the United States?
  • Karl Marx and the global elite

Bulletin 129

  • The Russian Revolution

Bulletin 130

  • Victor Bout

Bulletin 131

  • The Russian elite and the war in Ukraine
  • Political-military analysis: how MI-6 works in Russia
  • Ramzan Kadyrov, the CIA, MI6 and the operation to save Victor Bout

Bulletin 132

  • Kaballah, Bridge and Global Projects

Bulletin 133

  • Nassim Taleb, Transhumanism and World War III

Bulletin 134

  • Global trends and challenges for the world in 2023

Bulletin 135

  • Millennium Challenge Corporation: the special envoys of the USA and the new colonization of Africa
  • Africa and the activities of the "Islamic State" on the continent.

Bulletin 136

  • Drug trafficking in Afghanistan

Bulletin 137

  • Global processes, BRIDGE, Gran Turan, Finintern

Bulletin 138

  • The political crises and the birth of the radical movement in the USA

Bulletin 139

  • Big Brother Is The Son Of A Big God-Why His Reign In The World May Be Inevitable

Bulletin 141

  • The secret of ukrovermacht perseverance
  • Regionalization of the economy and the post-Westphalian world

Bulletin 142

  • Post-Soviet Russia, end of globalization, the Protestant elite and the XVI century

Bulletin 143

  • China, AUKUS, elitogenesis and the fundamental transformation of the world
  • ChatGPT and the future of AI

Bulletin 144

  • Civilization codes of the six global projects
  • Supranational level of empires

Bulletin 145

  • What does it take to build a country?

Bulletin 146

  • The poles of power in the world - analysis of all power groups

Bulletin 147

  • Information technocracy. illusions and reality

Bulletin 148

  • Economic regionalization, the Washington Consensus and the New Yalta

Bulletin 149

  • Freemasonry, money changers and Dulles' plan to destroy the USSR

Bulletin 150

  • USA, AUKUS as British Empire 2.0 and economic modernization through the centuries

Bulletin 151

  • The British Commonwealth

Bulletin 152

  • The Order of Skull & Bones

Bulletin 153

  • The Hegelian dialectic

Bulletin 154

  • Historical Russia vs. the Perfidious Albion: Britain as Historical Enemy: 500 Years of Undeclared War Against Russia

Bulletin 155

  • The Roman Empire and North American Empire: the historical comparison

Bulletin 156

  • Apocalypse of Adam: Irrationality leads to existential catastrophe

Bulletin 157

  • World War Wired and cognitive warfare

Bulletin 158

  • Operation Prigozhine

Bulletin 159

  • Judaism and secret numerology

Bulletin 160

  • Transformation of Global processes by the global mafia

Bulletin 161

  • Historical-global aspect of the Demilitarization of Ukraine

Bulletin 162

  • Africa and the rearrangement of the drug business

Bulletin 163

  • Africa: Conceptual Analysis

Bulletin 164

  • History of Languages and Secret Numerology

Bulletin 165

  • Questions and Answers from Listeners and Subscribers

Bulletin 166


Bulletin 167

  • La tecnología de la metapolítica o la "Gran mesa de juego de la historia"

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